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Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

Kenneth Jarrett Singleton is a thirty year old poet, playwright, and author. Prior to, "Exotic Neurotic," he had three of his books published. His first book was a science-fiction/horror novel called, "The Cadaver Factory." It was published in (2004) when Singleton was twenty years of age. His second novel, "The Donner Society," was published in (2005) the same year as his first play, "Angelica and Francesca." He currently resides in the state of West Virginia.
"The Donner Society," By: Kenneth Jarrett Singleton
"The Donner Society," By: Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

Robby, a senior in high school, begins to attend a prestigious private school for boys called Lafayette. At the school he makes friends quickly. Particularly a fellow student named Michael who is also a senior.As soon as Robby arrives, Michael tells him about social groups within the school and how they are important within the establishment. He mentions to Robby about the group he was in called the Donner Society. Robby, with Michael's help, joins the group.During his time at Lafayette, Robby learns more than just academics. He comes to learn about friendship and trust, but above all of his lessons he learns that things are not always as they seem.