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Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

Kenneth Jarrett Singleton is a thirty year old poet, playwright, and author. Prior to, "Exotic Neurotic," he had three of his books published. His first book was a science-fiction/horror novel called, "The Cadaver Factory." It was published in (2004) when Singleton was twenty years of age. His second novel, "The Donner Society," was published in (2005) the same year as his first play, "Angelica and Francesca." He currently resides in the state of West Virginia.
"The Cadaver Factory," By: Kenneth Jarrett Singleton
"The Cadaver Factory," By: Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

Jack Rally is an eighteen-year-old boy who is evil and witty. He receives an opportunity from an older film-maker named Mr. Bigsley whose films are films of actual murders. Jack takes the opportunity and runs with it, becoming a master of his murderous profession. Jack, the brutal young man that he is, enjoys murdering and causing havoc in this setting of a more brutal future for mankind and mankindas ways. The tale can be called a psychotic masterpiece and is unique in its content, psychological base, and theme.